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Technique : Interactive Projection Mapping


Size : 1.90 x 1.10 M. 


2563 | 2020


 “Nai” (pronounced in various tones of “night”) is a Southern tongue for greeting before Thais use the official “Sawasdee”. “where are we?” aims to greet and engage Titan visitors to the stories and interactions among locals. Simplified maps in 3-D, along with local points of interactions, location where Thai-Chinese people have landed and settled for a career in Songkhla, projected  on screen, invite the audience to become part of the stories of Songkhla’s culture, which further reveal itself to the audience’s amazement


 Where visitors choose to land in Songkhla is where their experiences intersect with local memories. Their decisions question the roots of the experiences that connect who  and where they are from,leaving the answers to the quest of their identity through this installation’s devices.


 Through digital engagements, visitors’ photographs are projected onto “Memory of Songkhla”, located next to this project, for encouraging the audience to connect with “TITAN PROJECT SPACE”.


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