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The Titan Project Space is a small memory museum tribute to the founders ancestors who have settled in the City of Songkhla in late 1800. The project act as a bridging space connecting past , present and future of the the city. The art installations takes the audience on an  experiential journey,  getting a glimpse of what Songkhla's rich heritage is all about, how the culture have evolved to today, and what the new generation have in mind for the city's future. 




The Space was inspired by an 85 years old journal which belongs to the founder's grandmother. The family migrated from Guangdong province of china in 1800 by boat and landed in Songkhla province in Kingdom of Thailand to start a new life.

The diary talks about a her journey in starting a life in Songkhla.  What everyday life was like 80 years ago as a Chinese woman living in Songkhla. She was a pioneer in many businesses in the city and a creative entrepreneur.  The diary was also written about many surprisingly progressive subjects such as woman rights and her political view of her motherland. 

The story had inspired "me" to learn more about my family roots and explore how my hometown heritage has came about. The space takes the audience on a journey in learning about the life of Chinese families settling in Songkhla, local cultures and occupations of songkhla people back in the day, through modern multimedia medium.   in the spirit of grandma creative entrepreneurship.  


The pivotal point of this building design came when previous structure that occupied this space came trumping down during the owners attempt to give it a new life.  The options was to created a new building that looked like the orinal one.   After much research and considerations, the owner and designer agreed that the old town of Songkhla consist of Architectures of many styles from many eras,  each tells the story of that era.  Therefore, if new building is to be created today, it should  tells the story of this era not that of the past.  While being respectful of the rich surrounding heritage, the new building was design with modern elements while Songkhla DNA is undianably apparent 

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