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TIDE and DYED, Photon


Technique : Real-time Data Sculpture / Generative Art

Size : 8.0 x 4.0 Meters

Exhibition Installation

11/09/2020 - 11/11/2020


Tidal current is closely weaved to the daily life of Songkhla people, in the same manner as a timepiece which tells the start and end of each day. We represent the tide and time with generative art using data sculpture which embeds all the characteristics of Songkhla.


Utilizing data of Songkhla’s tide times and heights, combined with sunrise and sunset times from the Marine Department forecasted data to form the real-time art piece with a specific movement in each moment. The dynamics of sculpture are adjusted to the height of the tide, and the colour vividness is adjusted to the brightness of the sun.

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photon :

Opapol Chongsiriratanakul (Art Director)

Tanapol Phimphio (Creative Developer)

Tanatcha Kieokerd (Project Manager)

Teeraphun kongpichetgul (Documentary)


Soundtrack :

Takorn​ Siraprapachai​; Studioplus​ Agency (Music Director)

Nit-raphee Wannakosee; Morn The cloud collector (Producer)

Chatdanai Prommachat; Paul Jack (Editor)


Special Thanks :




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