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Technique : Interactive Installation


Size : 3 x 1.6 x 5 M. 


2563 | 2020


Siimsi (Chinese Fortune Stick) is one of the religious belief ceremony of Chinese people, The Chinese community is one of the oldest community in Songkhla old town area. When ones received the fortune its usually come in a form of mystery, such as poem, warning or a guided suggestion. Almost all of the fortunes related with the moral ethic of how to live one joyful and success life.


Sonkhla is the town with unique cultures. Therefore, the town itself come with a very rich and interesting history and one of it is “food”, which been through process of adaptation through generation of the people in town till it captured an attention of the tourist and the passer by.


This installation is focus in displaying those rich culture of food in the old town district of Songkhla in form of new media art with re-interpret design that aimed to minimalize the element of the Siimsi shrine, such as white based color contrast with the colorful wood Siimsi leaflet that hang behide it. The fortune telling is operate by the software that display a content in a digital art screen, interact with people who wants to try their luck out. Besides the fortune telling the installation is also showing the content of the food details, such as the ingredients and the location of the food in the town through QR code that the people can follow along to have a bite. The installation the team proudly present is the right mixture between the history of culture and the technology of AI (artificial intelligence) of the new world.


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